I believe in simple solutions. Here are some of my technical musings.



sparked by a conversation at the Foo Bar on June 6, 2018

Unless I write things down, I tend to forget. So I made theLeadBook as a handy web tool to remind me of the wonderful colleagues I met at the Developer Circle Leads Summit and deepen our collaborations.

I used Google Sheets as a database for this project. Checkout the technical story below to see how easily you can use it for your next project.

[Link] [Story]

Major stack: vue.js, Google sheets api, semantic ui



finalist, Facebook Bots for Messenger Challenge 2017

Between my clumsy hands, I have the heart for cooking, only if I get to explore recipes easily in the kitchen. I built WeCook just for that.

Mindfully jumping from recipe to recipe, turning photos of ingredients to culinary suggestions, all on the Messenger platform.

[Teaser] [Link]

Major stack: node.js, claudia.js, AWS lambda, AWS api gateway, firebase, clarifai, messenger platform


Community Bot

serving the KAUST community since August 2016

I always wonder what movies are showing, when the bus is coming, where to eat in town... To answer all these in a timely fashion, I made a robo-cat that has been helping me and thousands others in the community on the Messenger platform.

When you are planning a visit to our gorgeous campus, definitely give my cat a ping to get oriented.


Major stack: node.js, claudia.js, AWS lambda, AWS api gateway, messenger platform


Data Science

Andrew's NLP Adventures in Wonderland

a Sunday's musing in mid-May 2018

I watched the movie, but never get to read Alice in Wonderland. Why not do some quick language modeling on this masterpiece before diving in?

Major stack: python, pandas, textacy (based on spacy), textblob, networkx


Predicting Poverty with DrivenData

Rank 36th/2310 entries, February 2018

Measuring poverty is hard, time consuming, and expensive. Can we do better using only currently available survey data of households and individuals?

Yes, we can! Checkout my approach to the problem using a handy library. Did I mention you can try this technique rightaway for your classification problem using the code in the story below?

Major stack: python, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, catboost

[Link] [Story]

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